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Fish Tales


If you have rods and reels, I recommend for you to bring them since you are accustom to your equipment. If you do not have equipment I will provide you with tackle that meets your experience level. When you call to book your charter please let me know if  you need a rod and reel along with your fishing experience so I can rig tackle best suited for you to insure you will have an enjoyable fishing adventure. A fishing license is required for each person and can be purchased on line at


Summer Charters: sunglasses, hat, face buff, light fishing gloves, rain suit, sunscreen and bug repellent.

Winter Charters: sunglasses, hat, face mask, thick gloves, heavy clothing/coat, rain suit, sunscreen.


There is very little shade on the water and during the hot summer months it is nice to take a break inside a cool restaurant with clean facilities. There are several restaurants on Lake Marion and Moultrie and one on the Cooper River. We can dock at the restaurant and dine inside. This time would not be included in the chartered time on the water. If you prefer not to dine in a restaurant, bring your lunch and eat on the boat while you fish. This time will be included as chartered time on the water.


I provide ice and water.  You are welcome to bring drinks and snacks of your choice. ALCOHOL or ILLEGAL DRUGS are prohibited on the boat, if detected the charter will end without a refund.

Cooper River Guide Service
U.S. Licensed Coast Guard Captain


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